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Sakura – Hiroto-kun you’re only lies.

Hiroto – I just thought it was probably Tachibana-san who could make you happy. But, I do love you after all, Sakura-san!

Sakura – I can’t believe you.

Hiroto – I really do love you!! I adore you!

Sakura – No! it doesn’t sound like it at all.

Hiroto – After we separated, every day was long and painful and boring. I know full well now it was your cheerfulness that has gotten me this far. Without you there anymore, I couldn’t live. If you aren’t there then I don’t want to live! I don’t want to be separated from you anymore! I don’t want you to leave me ever again!! Because I won’t ever lie to you again, I want to end this with a proposal. Thanks to Sakura-san, I could win the championship. I’ll do my best at work, and I won’t give up my dream. So Sakura-san, please marry me.

Sakura – Yes. I won’t leave you. I’ll never leave you again. I was told I don’t have to go to New York anymore.

Hiroto – Sakura-san, Liar.

Sakura – Which of us is?

“When you believe, anyone can become a Cinderella.”

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